Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Prayer Conference with Virgil Covel

Here are some pictures from the Prayer Conference led by Virgil Covel.  It was an enlightening and blessed experience by all who attended!
 Virgil Covel
 Potluck lunch after church.  (As you can see, there is always plenty of food, so don't be afraid to stay for lunch after church when you visit us!)
 Blessed with music...
 ...and song.

This is a picture of the way he demonstrated the Sanctuary.  There is only one way to the Presence of God and that is through the door (the bottom chair, which represents confession).  The next chair represents forgiveness, and the next cleansing (called the "laver" in the Sanctuary setting).  The rest of the chairs represent the candlesticks (light), table of shewbread, and altar of incense.  The top chair represents the ark of the convenant (God's Presence).

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